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Good Morning..dear bookworms
another day, another dream....
we all have one, so lets scream...
we are almost there.
today we bring to you another poetess whose poems are simple yet has so much depth in them..I am sure you are going to love this one.

Meenu Mehrotra is  essentially a dreamer, a die hard optimist and in love with life. An eternal romantic, a writer , a poet , learner - it's hard to tell what I am. I have to be experienced to be known. I have to be discovered, to be understood .
She is based in Dubai and she shares this beautiful piece with us. We welcome Meenu to Being bookworms family.


The thorn of your fragrant rose
pierces my heart
and I bleed.
The crimson red blood
rosy, bright
trickles like
a ribbon of river
flowing over my landscape
staining it forever.
Stinging, sweet pain
oozes out of my soul,
I moan out your name
and find you
doing the same
I notice the thorns
closer than before
They render
a deeper shade to your rose
and make me tremble with shame
Aah! the first wound of love
a poisonous serpent, defanged
It threatens to destroy
but can never kill,
my love.

Meenu Mehrotra, Poet

I wrote for The Times Of India as a freelance writer and did a lot of web writing too. Many short stories and poems of mine have been posted on the net.  I won the 3rd prize in a writing competition, organized by an Australian website:brightlightmultimedia.com. Also won a special mention in the Gentleman Public Service Advertising Award 1993 for my campaign on Aids Awareness.
My varied experiences have given me deep insights into human nature as well as the tenacity, courage, fearlessness and restlessness to aim high. It has also imparted me an intimate understanding of the frailty of emotions. But my love for writing  propelled me to focus my energies on writing my first book: Lilacs Bloom in my backyard.
My second novel- SUNLIT HEARTS  is the story of a feisty woman who finds herself  at the crossroads  of a failing marriage and searing passion for a man she has always loved. Little  does she realise that its the beginning of a chaos that'll either restore her or destroy her forever. Caught in the intricate web of motherhood, marriage, passion and her need  to blossom into a writer, she dares to push herself to her limits. Thus begins a crucial journey of realisation, redemption and resurrection that'll lead all of them to come to terms with themselves and each other and to confront the most important  truth of their lives.
Sunlit Hearts released in India on 4th May 2012 by Vitasta Publishing and is available on Amazon as well.
Happy reading
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