Poet's Jam..a one of kind poetry recital session in Kolkata where over tow weeks poets from different background would share there works with each other....

Poet's Jam...an event not to be missed...calling all budding poet's....this is an opportunity for you to recite your poems, share your works with new poets and the most important get selected, groomed by our experts and get chosen to publish your story online or in a book of anthology consisting of more than 100 poet's works from all over India......this Poet's jam is our dream..come be a part of it...

Oh Rose! a thing of beauty,
lost in your thoughts,
what could be troubling you?
Things beyond your reach, 
pine not for things missing,
Look beneath thy rosy heart, 
your blood of love flows throughout your soft velvety petals,
"A touch of darkness is what I fear,
my soft petals crumbling in its wrath,
little is my life, I wish not to be lost."
Oh Roe, a thing of beauty,
Who has lived to tell their tales,
Lost in the world, always scared,
where to our soul shall go,
once born you have to let go,
The mirage of this beautiful world,
Behold your touch shall remain,
your colour of love never dying,
As lovers embrace in peace,
as a smile leaves our dried lips,
Your life not a waste but a dream,
Smile away oh Rose, let your colour not fade,
The sun is new everyday,
Let your sacrifice be for someone's peace.
Sufia Khatoon poet/author/painter 5/514

when we read poems like these doesn't it make you feel to share your thoughts, your pen itching to flow in the inspiration on paper....
Being Bookworms presents Poet's Jam...on the 17th and 18th and 24th and 25th from 4pm to 7pm in park street, Kolkata..venue would be announced soon when we would have more than 20 poets reciting their valuable thoughts. to the public...shed their inhibitions and work as a team....this poet's jam is conducted with the vision to find some talented poets for an anthology of 100 poems by 100 poets compiled by Being bookworms...and you could help us in our search..share this and kindly ask your friends to join the event by registering with us...300rs for the four day masti....once we have selected our poets..we shall be continuously groom them if needed and then go for our anthology publication either in print or online:)
would need all your support....register with us by calling at 
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or send us your sample piece at sufia.mugglegirl@gmail.com/ debashribiswas87@gmail.com..hurry don't miss this chance
warm regards,
Being bookworms