Poet Of The Week.......

Poet of the Week..............

Good afternoon dear bookworms....its has been a hectic summer for us...but yet wonderful in its own way...so having known so many authors and poets...we decided to have this Poet of the week section where we would bring you one of a kind poet.....he or she may not be renowned but they are talented...;one such poet is Md Shafiuddin, he lives in Mumbai and works in a game company.....well the rest is mystery to us...but What we liked was the poetry ofcourse...so here we have a woman's true picture from a man's point of view...enjoy

Woman, O Woman

Woman,O Woman; you are a symbol of love and peace,

But we tied you with the rope of evil and injustice.

Woman,O Woman; you wanted to be safe,

But look what we did, we got you raped.

Woman,O Woman; you were the child's first institution,

But we dragged you, into the dark alley's of prostitution.

Woman,O Woman; you gave birth to great kings who are now in their tombs,

But we murdered you right inside your mother's womb.

Woman,O Woman; you gave us hope,you gave us life,

But when you were born, we buried you alive.

Woman,O Woman; you represented Laxmi and Saraswati,

But we torched you alive in the name of Sati.

Woman,O Woman; you are a mother, a wife,a sister and a daughter,

But you are ill treated everywhere, and we are not bothered.

Woman,O Woman; we made you suffer, and still you kept quiet,

And we thought it is our birth right.

Woman,O Woman; you married us for love and glory,

But we married you for your money and dowry.

Woman,O Woman; you took the pain and never complain,

But we ignored you, and thought it was our gain.

Woman,O Woman; we are  sorry for what we did,

But, could you forgive us for our dreadful deeds,please?

By Md Shafiuddin

warm regards,
Being Bookworms