"Writing and Tackling the fear of impossible"......... The Readers and Writers Club inspirational gift to Kolkata's talents by Sufia Khatoon

"Writing and Tackling the fear of impossible"......... The Reader's and Writer's Club inspirational gift to Kolkata's talents by Sufia Khatoon

Dear Bookworms winters are the best time to get together around a warm burning fire and share your written words with other talented bards and writers...nothing excites a writer, poet, lyricist, playwright or the creative mind more than a group which totally understands them and without any judgement or  prejudice shares their view points with them. This creative zeal reminds us of the poets like Keats,Wordsworth, Blake, Coleridge and so many who always had their works shared among groupies or with their trusted allies and inspired millions over the ages...

Being Bookworms was thrilled to be invited to one such creative zeal...Jayant Kriplani’s interactive session on “Writing and Tackling the fear of the impossible” organized by The Readers and Writers Club, the brain child of Mona Sen Gupta and Sushroota Sarkar of AHAVA Communications with the joint effort of Circle Art 360 and Creative Studio on the warm evening of 30th Oct 14. 

This was not their first such initiative, they have been organizing such creative endeavors with the intention of bringing inspiration to young talents and nurture such talented minds with the best.The various interactive sessions is held twice every month where top of the line authors, theater personalities, poets, lyricist,etc are invited to share their experiences with the mesmerized talents and book lovers and get a hands on experience in literature, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama etc.

As well as giving the best talents an experience of a lifetime in order to create their own masterpiece.

The evening at the Creative Studio in ballygunge, a cozy and beautiful place to experience such inspirational talks was buzzing with excitement. The excitement of meeting face to face with Jayant Kriplani, the author of New Market Tales, an actor and theater persona…

He has worked at JWT, Grant Kenyon & Eckhardt and as Senior Creative Director with RK Swamy BBDO. He was one of the first small screen stars in India featuring in the 1980s TV serials like KhandanMr. Mrs and later in Ji Mantriji (2003), He has played character roles in movies like Heat and Dust(1983) directed by James IvoryRockford and more recently in Bollywood sci-fi thriller Alag, in the 2008 blockbuster Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na and in 3 Idiots Jayant has directed and produced a number of films for multi nationals and is actively involved with theatreHe also acted as a quiz master in an infotainment channel's quiz show.
As the enthusiastic writers and poets settled down to hear the man himself speak of how he goes about writing and why the fear of impossible stops us from creating or writing.
He began by saying “I am an actor that tells stories on a non scholarly level….” And won our attention.
In his time usually the trend was often exclaiming ‘this is not possible’ in various forms….but in the creative field he stressed what is ever possible? It’s the impossible that the creative mind always thrives to achieve, to push itself to the corners of drying possibilities and in the heightened of emotions create the impossible.
When we were told that we could learn Japanese numericals in just 3 minutes, we couldn’t believe him, it was infact impossible that occurred in our minds…but in a fun way we did learn Japanese and that’s what
We were so much into his experiences that we kept traveling in the past and in the present trying to understand our own abilities with him.
We are always scared to do this or that and the fear of not being able to achieve a dream always creeps in, of not being able to write when the competitions is so tremendous keeps stopping some of us to hold the pen and just write. But we each have our own style, our own story to tell.

Theater on the other hand is a projection of the imagination in live and writing is the projection of creativity in imagination.
The actor read out some extracts from his latest writing project. His New Market Tales , his previous work is his memories of the historic market, weaving in nostalgia about the place into short stories about its inhabitants and we found it really amazing.

In all it was a beautiful inspiring evening to spend in the company of like mind writers and our verdict is don’t wait for that day to come when you would write, just write today, now, there is nothing better than the present day to achieve your dreams.

 We congratulate The Readers and Writers Club for doing such wonderful events and specially Mona Sen Gupta for her hospitality, thank you for having us.
Hope you all loved to know about these sessions, to know more kindly visit their fb page and hope to see you in the next meeting.

The forum is open to all, anyone visiting the sessions have to pay a registration fee of only 100rs per session and enjoy the inspirational talks and get inspired to create their own history.
So dear bookworms keep following us and keeping reading that love called books……

With Regards,
Sufia Khatoon

Being Bookworms