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Dear bookworms,  good morning. what else could be good than a beautiful chilly winter. We are excited to finally bring to you an exclusive interview of Mills and boons, Indian author, Adite Banerjie "The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal" who is a really good writer of romance, a good friend and lovely person.
"Thank you, Sufia, for reading my book and for hosting this interview on your site. I would also like to congratulate you on your initiative to bring together readers and books. I wish you plenty of success in your venture and all your other ventures. You have many talents – including painting and writing – and I truly admire your spirit of charity for those who are less privileged than you are. My best wishes to you always! love, Adite "
-Adite Banerjie, author Mills and boons

Tell us something about yourself, your life and how you were introduced to writing?

I live in Greater Noida, near Delhi, with my husband, my mother and a very adorable dog whose name is Veeroo. I have been a writer ever since I passed out of college. I did a course in journalism and then worked as a business journalist for many years. After I quit full time journalism I ventured into screenwriting.

How did you get involved with Mills & Boon?

In 2012 I entered their Aspiring Authors Auditions and sent in my short story. I was one of three winners of that contest and they asked me to develop my short story into a novel.

How was the experience of getting published, has the response been as you expected?

It was a great experience as the process involved interacting with an experienced editor. She gave me some fabulous inputs and with her guidance I was able to craft my book in a manner that would meet readers’ expectations from an M&B romance. Yes, I’m very fortunate that most people who have read my book have liked it.

Why romantic novel, there are so many who choose this genre, Had you planed to write romance or are you open to writing any other genre novels?

I have been an avid reader of M&Bs since my school and college days, so I had some idea of what the romance genre is all about. I love thrillers too. So maybe some day I will write a thriller too!

If any writer wants to get published, what should they do?
For any writer who is writing popular fiction, it is necessary to understand the requirements of the genre. Every genre has its structure and format and it’s necessary to craft a story within those parameters. Most publishers will not accept offbeat—or experimental stories—from unpublished authors.

Your suggestions for budding writers?
Read a lot. Learn the craft. And write everyday.

What is writing all about for you?
As I said I have been a writer since the time I got out of college. So I can’t imagine what my life would have been like if I weren't a writer!

How has the scenario changed now, having been a writer yourself, what are your future plans?
I’m currently finishing up my second Mills & Boon. I plan to write more screenplays and hopefully more books.

Your valuable comments on being bookworms?
Oh, I love being a bookworm. Books are my greatest friends. And those who love books will never be lost or feel lonely.

Do you think that with the introduction of e-books, the market for readers is going down, or is there any scope left still?

Thanks to e-books, readers will now have more books to read than ever before. With new formats of delivery available to readers – such as Kindles, digital devices and even audio books – the market for books is definitely growing.

How can we keep reading alive in the young generation?

Parents and teachers should encourage the habit of reading among children at a young age. And once a child is hooked to reading, he/she will continue to do it for a long, long time. Unfortunately, most cities in India don’t have lending libraries and reading clubs. If these were made available the reading habit too would grow.

Which is your favorite book and author, the one who inspired you to write?

I have many favorite authors but I love Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies and its sequel River of Smoke. I’m eagerly waiting for the release of the third book in the trilogy.

Why should people read your book, tell us what is unique about it?

Well, if you like reading a romance you may want to read it. It’s about a girl who wants to take revenge against the man who destroyed her father but she ends up falling in love with his son.

Here’s the book blurb and I hope it entices your readers to buy my book!

Krish Dev needs to find a bride—and quick! With a marriage arranged by his father looming, Krish finds the key to his freedom in Maya Shome, but is this dazzling beauty really all she seems...?

Maya has only one thing in mind: revenge. But when the host of the most exclusive high society party asks her to dance what is meant to be an innocent tango leads to an engagement to Krish—her enemy’s son!

Arranging their own marriage could work to their advantage…if they can resist mixing business with pleasure!
Interviewed by Sufia Khatoon
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