Being Bookworms presents Myriad Tales author Arka Datta shares his love for books and writing before the Kolkata launch of Myriad Tales in Art fair III with Sufia Khatoon

Dear Bookworms as the midnight oil burns we hunt for beautiful stories for you, one such book is Myriad Tales. Since short stories have been a favorite of ours, this book is really going to make you fall in love with this genre of literature and gift yourself a great Diwali.

Being Bookworms presents Myriad Tales author Arka Datta share his love for books and writing before the Kolkata launch of Myriad Tales in Art fair III with Sufia Khatoon

Being Bookworms presents Myriad Tales author Raviraj 

Arka Datta share his love for books and writing books before the launch of Myriad Tales,compiled and edited by Author suhail Mathur and published by Half Baked Beans 

 An anthology of 32 amazing stories in Kolkata in Art Fair III 

on the 19th of Oct 3pm to 5pm 

 Arka Datta is a 28 year old Maths graduate from Kolkata. Having a hands on training in multimedia from Brain Ware he has worked with many  media houses, and online blog magazines. A passionate writer when not busy crunchining numbers he writes and co-runs  The InSight Out, a progressive online magazine. He is also a passionate blogger, a  freelance creative writer, technical writer, and graphic designer. Writing is not only his passion, but it’s also the obsession that all his dreams are built around of. He loves to write stories with a lot of psychological aspects- defining human emotions. We wish Arka very best for the launch and hope all of you would come and support writers like him

Q1: Tell us something about your story, how did you chance upon the contest?

Ans: A friend of mine told me about the contest. It immediately attracted me. My story is about art-forgery. The mysterious characters and their interests build up the storyline.

Q2: What was like winning this contest? How many anthologies have you participated?
Ans: Winning the contest was absolutely fulfilling. It’s always satisfying when your efforts pay off. So far, I have participated in three anthologies and have won in two of them.  

Q3: Do you think anthologies are a good opportunity for young authors to try their hand in the skill of writing?
Ans: I do believe so, yes! They expose you to the challenge of producing your best and improving with each next word.

Q4: How do genres help in building the writing skills?

Ans:They help you by teaching you how to work with a goal in mind, and also to be clear about the way of developing the storyline.

Q5: What is your way of going about a story? Do you think of a plot first and then build on it or visa-versa? Is there any formula to a successful-emotional romantic story? Which genre you like to write on?

Ans: I always try to come up with a plot first, create- in my mind- a starting, middle, and the conclusion. Only after having them, I can start writing by joining the dots. I don’t believe that there is any one formula to write a successful story. An interesting plt and quality authoring skills can help. My most preferred genre is drama that’s built on human psychology.

Q6: What do you have to say about the Myraid tales team Suhail, Chetan and Himani?

Ans: They are very innovative and supportive. I will always be thankful.

Q7: Any message from a reader that made you inspired to write more?

Ans: Not any one in particular. After my first story was published, I received quite a few of them, and they all mean so much to me.

Q8: Tell us something about your childhood? Recently the trend of engineers/ca/other corporate or medical aspirants taking up writing seriously has been emerging? Is it because of Chetan Bhagat's success or something? What made you leave engineering and write?

Ans:I belong to a family of bookworms. My interest towards literature is ignited by that. The current trend clearly suggests that many people have their stories to tell, and of course the rise of Mr. Bhagat has given us courage. I, personally, have never wanted to be anything other than a writer.

Q9: what is in writing that really draws an author?

Ans: I think its different for everyone. For me… well, I need to write, I have to write. Words brews inside me and I feel it without pouring them out.

Q10) How good has been participating in anthologies? Recently we have seen many traditional and self publishing anthologies coming up through competitions so how efficient are they,anything that you have experienced that can suggestions.

Ans: My only suggestion is that if you want to participate in anthologies then find the ones by trusted publishers. Also, you need a good editor as your judge. Don’t just participate in any anthology without a background check about the publisher.

Q11) How has been the response from your friends?

Ans: That has been just great. They are very excited about my career as a novelist.

Q12) Do you think Being bookworms by supporting authors, books, and other literary events are creating a new opportunity for good authors to interact with their creative side and bring readers more closer to them.

Ans: Of course they are. They are doing an absolutely fantastic job. I hope with their help, our anthology reaches many readers. 

thankyou dear readers for reading the interview, we are sure you must be getting excited to get the book, the book is available in and also with Being Bookworms

Hope you all had a great time knowing about Arka...hope to see you all at the launch of Myriad Tales on the 19th of Oct in Art Fair III,an exhibition of art in Chemould art gallery 12 f queen mansion,parkstreet kol 16 opposite park hotel, near giggles shop 3 to 6pm followed by band performance
interviewed by Sufia Khatoon
keep reading and keep loving that precious love called Books
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