Rhythm Divine's Poet of the Month.....a tete-e-tete with Niladri Mahajan

Rhythm Divine's Poet of the Month

Dear Bookworms,
As you know Rhythm Divine is a poetry group in Kolkata initiating young, talented as well as experienced poets to discover the art of poetry and creative writing. Rhythm Divine Poet of the Month is a year long online poetry contest where every month on a given theme poets write verses and our judge Biswanath Dasgupta, Creative Director and Edit-in-Charge of The Telegraph in Schools(TTIS) declares poet of the month and promising poet of the month. 

                                Being Bookworms is glad to be associated with Rhythm Divine and Niladri 
Mahajan, Poet of the Month ( June) shares his experiences with us. 

When did you start writing poetry?

 Actually it happened when I was just in 11th standard and seating beside the road in front of my house, thinking about, watching the intricate filigrees of spider webs in the morning light, glittering,

weaving and creating a world that is far remote than our real one.It is that moment that initiated me to write poems.

What do you think about the concept of Rhythm Divine? The initiative of writing poetry everyday and
sharing and reading them  is what RD does? What you think about it? Your suggestions and your
experience with RD?

RHYTHM DIVINE is a unique concept that blurred the horizon of poetry writing from a very personal realm to universal audience. Here we can have a ready reader every time as one share the his/her creative poems. Not only a Whatsapp group to foster creative writing but also to strengthen the human ties…

Tell us about yourself? How did it feel to win poet of the month /Poet of Nature organized by RD?

I am a much diffused person but concentrated to the core, very much neutral but tinged in hues, mingling every now then with the nuances of change… within or without. You may or may not perceive me, but
I am there. I exist whether I able to think or not. That’s the way I am.Get pleasantly surprised when came to know about this. This is my first poetry competition and I have owned it. Rhythm Divine has given me the opportunity for that, it is priceless.

 What is poetry exactly to you? Tell us in which style you like to write in?

 Poetry is a medium I feel at large. Like a sculpture that is made up of feelings, thoughts and words. I can create here, spatial dimension from a mere permutation & combinations of black and white alphabets. It can bring undeniable and indefatigable changes in the chemistry of readers mind or give them a chance to reconsider their own world, they inhabit. I am very comfortable with free verse form or anything that gives me a chance to develop the inner context of a poem to the fullest and it can be anything, any form.

Your favorite poets? Any specific genre of poetry you like and why?

My favourite poets are Robert Frost, Jibanananda Das, Jacques Prevert, Baudelaire, Borges, Neruda, T. S. Eliot, A. E. Housman, W. B. Yeats, Ted Hughes, Jiménez, Octavio Puz and of course our very own Tagore

Free verse I like the most because here is no bounding to any specific form, when you are about to express your inner feelings, apart from the poetic inner current.

You are a published Poet, Tell us how your poem book happened? Give some valuable guidelines for young poets who want to get published?

As for my poetry book A DIFFUSED ROOM, it ultimately came
into being for some wonderful people in my life and my tireless
passion for it. I conceive it long, decades before. Slowly it takes the
shape from a mere nothing to my everything, as the time proceeds.
Actually the last five years I have to work very late at night
For very young poets I would only like to tell that follow your heart
in poetry writing. Study different genres and read as much as you can from different languages across the border. It will enrich you.

We wish the poets and RD all the best, hoping more such initiatives in the future.
Keep reading that love called poetry
Rhythm Divine